About Us

Kuty.me is a simple URL shortener app. It converts the long and messy URLs to a short ones. Another tool provided by Kuty.me is a Short Whatsapp link generator. You can input your Whatsapp number and create a short link to share.

The simplest URL shortener

The human brain is designed to attract simple things. Long and messy URLs are always annoying. Kuty.me will help you to shorten long and messy URLs.

Here is a long and messy URL.


Copy this URL, paste in Kuty.me and press the Shorten button. It will generate a short link. You can copy this short URL and share it anywhere.

After shortening it using Kuty.me, it will be like the one below.


It is short, easier to read and memorize.

Short Whatsapp link generator

Kuty.me Short Whatsapp link generator help you in generating a short link to your Whatsapp profile. Anyone clicking the link will direct them to your Whatsapp profile. So that they can easily message you with a click.

To generate your Whatsapp link, type your Whatsapp number with country code, type any message that you want people to see when they contact you, and press the Generate Short Link button. This will provide you with a short link to your Whatsapp profile.